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Unfortunately there are times when you cannot avoid litigation and must rely on the courts to resolve disputes - That's where we come in.

CWMPK's Litigation Attorneys Specialize In:

Our attorneys are experienced in representing both plaintiffs and defendants and have extensive courtroom experience in state and federal courts. Call us immediately if you need help, our attorneys’ experience enables the litigation section to handle a variety of matters including:

Commercial Litigation

Any business dispute has the potential to end up in expensive, time-consuming, and unpredictable litigation. These are high-stakes cases – you shouldn’t settle for just any attorney to represent you. Currin, Wuest, Mielke, Paul & Knapp, P.L.L.C. is the firm to choose when you have a commercial dispute needing resolution.

Breach of Contract

Enforcing a contract or defending against its enforcement can be a complex and confusing process. Let our attorneys create a strategy that helps you get back to business quickly.

Business Fraud/Deceptive Trade Practices

Some claims can attack the practices of a business itself which may significantly impact the future of the business. Our expertise can help you pursue or defend claims and guide you in establishing methods and practices to avoid such claims in the first place.

Construction Litigation

Our firm provides effective representation in various construction disputes. These disputes can involve a breach of contract, mechanics’ liens, bond claims, and construction defects on new and renovated properties. We vigorously represent our clients in litigation and work to reach the best resolution for them.

Partnership Disputes

Disputes between partners may arise during the course of a business and require quick action. Talk to our litigation team to determine how to protect your business and your individual interests through the litigation process.

Commercial Collections

Whether you’re seeking to collect payment or need to negotiate a payment plan that works for you, our attorneys are here to help you resolve these disputes quickly and cost-efficiently.

Arbitration and Mediation

While resolving disputes through negotiation or other means of alternate dispute resolution is generally preferable, it is not always possible. As your lawyers, if resolution outside of court does not work or is not feasible we won’t hesitate to initiate litigation to protect your interests. Whether pursuing or defending a case, our attorneys always seek to keep clients informed of their options and alternative courses of action throughout the course of litigation.

Probate and Trust Litigation

Sometimes disputes arise in the course of managing a loved one’s estate. Let our litigation team help you manage these matters and reach the best resolution for you and your loved ones.

When Experience Counts

Founded in 2007 by visionary, experienced attorneys, our law firm brings downtown-quality representation to both companies and individuals without the inconvenience of traveling to downtown Houston.

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